Meet Sam…

These are my running partners, Grif and Chaga. Grif is the fuzzy guy on my right, and Chaga is the bug-eyed one on my left. My husband, Chris, took this picture up on what we call Blueberry Hill near our home in mid-coast Maine. You can’t see our kids, Zoe (age 13) and Hazel (age 11), in this picture but they were standing by holding dog leashes and offering all sorts of commentary.

I have been a runner since high school in western Maine where I ran cross country primarily as a training tool for my Nordic ski season. I grew up in a family of avid (some would say maniacal) hikers and backpackers so trail running was a logical progression for me. My love of the outdoors presides over all that I do and has led me to a variety of career choices including backcountry work with the Appalachian Mountain Club in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, instructing at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School in Maine, ski patrolling at Sunday River Ski Area in Maine, and almost a decade of running and training sled dogs in Alaska. I currently coach cross-country running and track and field at the local middle school and cross-country skiing at Quarry Road Ski Club in Waterville, ME.

You will not find me in the gym, though I strength train regularly. I am an outdoor exerciser – I like the wind, the rain, the sun (as long as it’s not too hot), the snow (always), and the fresh air.

So I am a mom, a runner, a skier, and an outdoor enthusiast. I am also a farmer. I live on a small homestead with goats, chickens, and too many gardens. The farm provides my family with fresh food and a valuable education. My kids know where their food comes from because they help grow it, from seed to harvest. Fresh, local, whole food is a very important part of our lives and our health.

I came to coaching through my love of science, outdoor exercise, and local food. Science helps us understand how our bodies can adapt to training stimuli; outdoor exercise keeps us moving and connected to nature; local food nourishes our bodies and connects us to our communities.

I am a certified running coach and a certified endurance sports nutrition coach through UESCA. I am a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through ISSA. I also have a Level 100 Cross Country Coach certification through USSA.

My furry running partners
My little runners aren’t this little anymore!

My little runners are skiers too!